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Event Recap: Danny Tenaglia and John Digweed at Governors Island Presented by Made Event

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Made Event did what it does best this past August 11th as they brought a double feature event headlined by two industry titans, Danny Tenaglia and John Digweed. NYC Governors Island hosted another EDM culture banger as Tenaglia and Digweed played back-to-back house music sets for a combination of four hours after opening mixes from Pleasurekraft and the local powerhouse duo Sleepy & Boo. Upon hearing the lineup it was obvious that the day would be a contender for one of the best nights of the summer.

After a little confusion and hold up with the guest list my friend and I finally got inside Governors Beach Club as the sun was setting and as I suspected from the vibes of the crowd things got out of hand rather quickly. The fans that were there for Sleepy & Boo and Pleasurekraft definitely seemed to have had their ovens preheated by the opening DJs.

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Like every weekend this summer at Governors Beach Club the venue was packed with ravers stretched throughout the property. It seemed like everyone there was getting down in one way or another, whether it was stealing the spotlight in the one of many “dance circles” going on in the tent or just breaking it down seaside in the sand. The crowd was top notch, which worked out perfectly because it went hand in hand with this monster line up.

If there had to be one flaw in the night it would have to be the times of operation of the venue. It is the only thing that bothers me in terms of partying on Governors Island. The venue is open from 4 pm to 12 am and I personally think that the schedule is a bit off due to the needs of the ravers. Now add the obvious notion that the party naturally gets better as the night goes on and I really dislike the feeling of being restricted by time. Unfortunately it seems to happen far to often when partying at Governors. In Governors Beach Club own defense it is known that they definitely hosts bangers almost every weekend throughout the summer season and it is always popping off regardless of what time it is. It is a genuine rave spot for a great time and us New Yorkers own little party by the water.

Anyone who enough about Digweed or Tenaglia can assure you that these two can get down when they are at work behind the turn tables. Each usually cash in a full day of work as they are known to have spent hour upon hours mixing it up for their fans. The fact that they only got to play 2 hours each did not feel like the norm for them. It was like they felt the time restrictions as well and felt the need to just hit the crowd with hit after hit after hit. That was fine by me and I think 99% of those in attendance. Both of them brought their true house flavor to the party and we couldn’t get enough.

It was a shame that the party couldn’t have lasted to the wee hours of the morning but life isn’t perfect. It was the perfect day at the beach in the best city complemented by awesome company and bumping beats. It truly was one of the best days of the summer I have had at GBC. Thanks Made Event for giving us another weekend of what we all crave Monday through Friday … a dope party on the weekend.

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