First Steve Angello, Now David Guetta Is Questioned About Faking It During Tomorrowland Festival In Belgium



Steve Angello faking DJ sets has been a hot topic in EDM culture circles for a while now. Now David Guetta’s set at Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium is being scrutinized by house music fans. Watch this video and judge for yourself. The volume knobs on David Guetta’s mixer (around the 13.10 minute mark) are all the way down while the music plays on.

I came across juicy bit of EDM culture news reading Mixmag today and as they state, there’s always two sides to every story. It’s not like anyone would accuse Guetta of not knowing how to actually mix two songs together, but the video does raise an eyebrow or two.

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BTW, did you hear that "Fake DJ" track we posted up about a week ago? DJ Sneak even remixed the tuen. You can have a listen here.

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