Free Download: Heroes X Villains "Original Choppaz" Plus Trap Music Documentary


Free Download: Heroes X Villains "Original Choppaz"

This whole "Trap" movement is funny if for nothing more than all the hype around the genre as of late. The new new dubstep perhaps? Tip of the hat to our pals over at Gotta Dance Dirty for turning us on to this new slab of electronic music from Atlanta-based Heroes X Villains.

In addition to the free EDM download below via GDD, the duo Heroes x Villains have a new EP and Trap music documentary both due to drop on the same day, August 31st.

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The documentary "Certified Trap" traces the evolution of the genre from its beginnings as a seminal southern hip-hop movement to its recent rebirth that fuses traditional Trap with electronic music—an aggressive new sound being embraced by music-forward EDM culture youth across the United States.

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