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Free Downloads: Aeroplane’s New Remix and Drop Out Orchestra Mixtape via Eskimo Records

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The folks over at Eskimo Recordings have some goodies in store for you, courtesy of their hard working talent. First off, Aeroplane just remixed Erika Spring’s latest single, “Happy At Your Gate.” He’s transformed the pop song into a loud, deep chugger that is sure to do some damage on the floor…and it’s only 108 BPM. It may be close to guilty pleasure territory, but it’s snappiness you cannot resist. Free EDM download!

Next up is a fresh mixtape from Drop Out Orchestra, a name you should already be familiar with. These guys aren’t just DJs and they aren’t just a band, but they are both at the same time. Combining live instrumentation and seamless mixing, the two mysterious Swedes have been heavily in demand for remixes since their formation. Download their impressive new DJ set for the “THIS IS Podcast” series, featuring the finest in disco, house, classic re-edits, and all around fun dance music for the weekend.

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