Free EDM Download: Dave Clarke's Tomorrowland 2012 DJ set


Dave Clarke's Tomorrowland 2012 DJ set

I assume most folks reading this didn’t get the chance to go to Tomorrowland 2012. We’re included amongst that gaggle. Not that a free download will take you back there, let you relive the merrymaking that it surely was, but it’s as close we’re going to get right on this Friday morning.

The Baron of Techno slash EDM culture hero, Dave Clarke, closed off what we assume to be an impressive Castle Stage during Tomorrowland 2012 on Sunday the 29th of July. We assume because after listening to half of this mix this morning, it’s obviously that things were pretty raging. Kick your weekend into action right…

The DJ set is now available for downloads on the official Dave Clarke Facebook page. All you’ve gotta do it like his page. Simply stuff, go here.

For those not interested in paying a "like" for a download, we've got some other free EDM DJ sets that you can download for free—dating back to 1995. Happy Friday all, enjoy...

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