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House of Marley Headphones—Plus 10 Dubbed Out Tunes To Rock

House of Marley Headphones

"One world, One love" are the words of inspiration to satisfy your soul with House of Marley's audio products.

This Bob Marley inspired audio brand will not only make you feel connected to the music coming through the high-quality speakers they produce, but also others around the world. The House of Marley strives to create a better world for all by creating earth friendly products with plenty of bass to bring your killer EDM tunes to life.

Made out of recyclable aluminum, organic cotton, and wood, this brand dedicates itself to the environmentally friendly movement by using all natural products.

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The House of Marely's products support the Marely family's charitable organization, 1Love, to spread the importance of youth and the environment.

Coming this November, the Satisfy your Soul Tour will be hitting the road in a Bob Marley inspired VW van to spread word of their high-quality headphones and speaker docks.

Go to House Of Marley to see tour dates and more products.

[Note: Since Lauren Gephart is getting a little dub on your this morning… I figured I’d share some tunes with you all that have treated my ears right over the years. -ED]

Adrian Sherwood "Boogaloo"
Steel An' Skin "Afro Punk Reggae Dub"
Monyaka "Go Deh Yaka (Go to the Top)"
Mino "Reggae"
Culture Club featuring Capt. Crucial "Murder Rap Trap"
The Orb "Slug Dub"
DJ Rupture Feat. Sister "Little More Oil"
Saul Williams "Black Stacey" (Deadbeat Remix)
Sister Nancy "Bam Bam"
Idjut Boys "Retreat Dub"

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