Magnetic Gets Face To Face With The Unicorn Slayer, Markus Schulz

Growing up with trance, Markus Schulz was a name often synonymous with my favorite tracks. Dreamy vocals and thoughtful chords led to many afternoons drifting away in thought. Even nowadays, I still find myself going back and listening to releases such as "Once Again" featuring Carrie Skipper, a well known trance vocalist.

The years have seen Markus Schulz constantly evolving his sound and maintaining a high caliber for both his productions and sets. His enthusiasm for the music remains unchanged. In a time when DJs are playing shorter and shorter sets, the man sets his resolve to play marathon sets of more than four or five hours. Most DJs of his popularity and caliber find "afterhours" disappearing from their vocabulary, however Schulz remains steadfast and gives testament to the roots of DJing itself. In his sets, he has developed his own signature sound—delving into the deeper and harder side of trance, but always keeping you guessing by dissolving the borders of genres.

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Markus Schulz has always had a loyal following—some would even go as far as saying "cult." Dubbed the "Unicorn Slayer" by his fans, the loyalty seems to extend further than the followings that even fellow super giants like Armin van Buuren may have.

This week sees the release of Markus Schulz's new album, Scream. He's been touring the album and his release will coincide with New York's Electric Zoo on August 31st.

Like he says in the interview, Scream is a nice collection of more vocal tracks featuring the voices of Adina Butar, Ana Diaz, and others. Perhaps my favorites of the new collection is "Carry On" with Jaren on vocals and "Universe Is Mine" with Adina Butar. They have that feel that reminds me of the old tracks of his I love, creating that bridge of sound over time.

Check out Markus Schulz's Global DJ Broadcast with samplings of the new album.

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