Mixed In Key: Create A MashUp In Minutes

Mixed In Key: Create A MashUp In Minutes

Look! If you're an EDM culture junkie, there are a lot of ways to make and edit music nowadays and I’ve used most of the major software apps out there. When Magnetic asked me to review “Mixed In Key Mashup” I was a little skeptical, but I have to say after using the software, I was definitely surprised.

MIK Mashup is the evolution of Mixed In Key’s awesome harmonic mixing software which allows anyone, via their algorithm, to input a track and tag it with the track’s key so that you can... Well... Mix in key.

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The mashup software allows for key & beat matching as well as editing features like looping, EQ and volume control, which is all you need when it comes to creating a mashup.

In all, I’m always impressed by tools that help ideas become reality in minutes, so Mixed in Key mashup gets my approval for anyone trying to put together a house music bootleg slash mashup in minutes.

Mashup software from Mixed In Key from Mixed In Key on Vimeo.

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