Music Video: Watch Diplo’s “Set It Off” in HD


Diplo is the man, plain and simple. The young producer has already been featured on the cover of Billboard & VIBE Magazine as well as a few feature articles in the holy-grail of music magazines, Rolling Stone. Afraid of nothing, he produces whatever type of music he likes and then releases it on his label Mad Decent. First breaking into the scene with hip-hop influenced beats eventually making his way into electronic dance music and now he is one of captains the current EDM culture incarnation of the “Trap” music movement.

Not only does Diplo feature his music on his own label but he also makes it a place for emerging talent, new electronic music. Not any kind of talent though—just what he likes. The talent he wants to champion as the next big thing.

For example, back in the beginning of the summer, Diplo signed Internet phenom Riff Raff. The rapper who was known for his shitty lyrics and crazy appearance has been transformed into an actual musician and quickly controlling a niche music market.

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Not only did does Dip find good emerging talent but he interacts personally with his fans. If you have been on Twitter in the last 3 months chances are you caught one of your girlfriends “Expressing Herself.” A picture movement that turned into a contest based around his fans not giving a F***. The pictures are entertaining to look at, don’t believe me? Do a hashtag search for #ExpressYourself and you will see.

Diplo and Mad Decent care about their fans enough to annually throw a free party called the Mad Decent Block Party. It has already stopped in the big cities such as New York and Chicago and this weekend it is LA’s turn. Featuring the dubstep duo Zed’s Dead. For more information on the free show check here.

Dip likes to stay classy (in his own way) and artsy when it comes to his own music videos. Just recently he released his newest music video for “Set It Off.” I personally think it is a piece of art. The imagery used is so simple it’s amazing. Women may not agree but I’m sure the guys out there have my back.

If you haven’t heard Diplo or just down to catch Diplo’s latest mixes check him out on his BBC Radio show called “Diplo and Friends” here.

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