Need New Headphones? Have An Extra $8,000 Lying Around? Enter: Muramasa VIII by Final Audio



I desperately need a new pair of headphones. I've been using my Audio Technica camouflage cans for so long that the ear padding is cracking and flakes off on my face and cloths. At like $120 a pair, I'm not mad at my Audio Technica cans…they've lasted a long ass time. I definitely got my moneys worth.

Not that these are for EDM culture slash DJ type folks, it's an audiophile thing for sure, but even if I could afford the whopping $8,000 dollar price tag for these Final Audio Muramasa VIII headphones I have doubts about it being money well spent. $8K is crazy talk. Tho these are the best looking headphones I've seen a long time.

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