New Night Alert: Goldie Kicks Off Tonight at The Standard in Hollywood

New Night Alert: Goldie

Our friends over at Dub Frequency are proud to announce their new weekly gathering taking place inside The Standard in Hollywood, which is strictly focused on good vibes and rather than what EDM act is billed on the poster. I’ll let the man behind the scenes, Ian MacPherson, fill you in on what Goldie is all about. For those out of the loop, Ian is responsible for the favorite No Shirt No Shoes pool parties that are always a hit (peep our story about those here).

“Goldie is a new weekly gathering starting Wednesday August 22nd at "Mmhmm," formerly "Smoke & Mirrors" at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Curated by the Dub Frequency family, Goldie is less focused on the DJ du jour, but more interested in creating the best vibe possible. Whether you're interested in champagne-induced dances on tables, or sipping that Manhattan on the black leather couches, we've got it all. Nothing too fussy or Hollywood-y here, but just the right amount of "hard to get into."  We've made it even easier for you too, with discounted valet rates, drink specials of stuff you'd actually want, and fun bottle deals for when you wanna really turn up. Thoughtful dance jams start things off, as we move into all your favorite club tunes you secretly wanted to hear all night. Trust us, we know what we're doing.”

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Sounds about right! The first edition is tonight, and you can RSVP here. But your RSVP doesn’t guarantee entry, so look sharp and show up reasonably early.

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