Pioneer About To Break EDM Culture Ground With Their New Wireless DJ Rig, The XDJ-AERO



Umm, wow. This is definitely a first. Vinyl is a thing of the past, CDs are on their way out the door and the XDJ-AERO now makes it possible to leave your USB key at home, forget about the cables and connections and just bring a freaking wireless device full of all your new electronic music. The XDJ-AERO is the first Wi-Fi enabled all-in-one DJ player and mobile application combo.

Basically you can load music wirelessly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs and forget about the hassle out of set up. The XDJ-AERO also lets you connect to up to four wireless devices at once. Why would you need that? If you're the type of DJ that doesn't mind requests, you can actually let the crowd to get involved by them send you tracks wirelessly from their devices to the XDJ-AERO.

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The XDJ-AERO is a 24-bit audio interface, which can be used as a MIDI controller for Traktor, a HID controller for Virtual DJ software, or as a standard mixer along with turntables and CDJS. I came across this via Resident Advisor this morning. For a full list of effects and features head over to the Pioneer page here.


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