Review: Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Roland Rat” & “Brainstorm” Remixes via Boysnoize Records

Erol Alkan & Boys Noize “Roland Rat” & “Brainstorm” Remixes via Boysnoize Records

Boys Noize Records has had a tremendous 2012 thus far, with powerful releases from the label's namesake himself, in addition to staples D.I.M., Strip Steve, Housemeister, Shadow Dancer and Jan Driver, among others. That being said, this remix split may just have raised the bar, pushed the envelope, peaked out all of the levels. As if the original tracks—two aggressive collaborations between hard techno pioneers Erol Alkan and Boys Noize—weren't enough, the remixes from Dave Clarke and LFO are truly ferocious.

Mr. Jones and Dave Clarke's “Unsubscribe” remix of “Brain Storm” is fever pitch in its intensity, knife-like in its focus. The sonic space that this track occupies is massive, with a huge, pulsing sub and a piercing, distorted whine cutting through heavy darkness. It is somewhat less accessible than the original—a real festival sound, rather than a club tool. That being said, this is a true peak-time weapon for a crowd of rapt EDM culture technophiles.

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Warp Records legends LFO have undoubtedly influenced this particular vein of EDM to the point that they should be perhaps considered patron saints—or at least Grandfathers—of the genre. This remix is awesomely weird, yet entirely playable. It is a stompy, pounding monster of a track, magnifying the vibe of the original and twisting it into something absolutely LFO. The track is a beast, a workhorse and a joy to drop at the top of a set before descending into deeper, more melodic grooves.

Top-notch release. Keep 'em comin, Boys.

BTW, did you hear about Boys Noize and Skrillex teaming up? Or Erol Alkan's new "Bugged Out" mix? You can listen to a bunch of the tracks on the compilation here.

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