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Review: Surkin and Todd Edwards “I Want You Back” EP via Sound Pellegrino

It was with much gusto and delighted fervor that Magnetic reviewed the single “I Want You Back” from Surkin and Todd Edwards' crossover EP on Sound Pellegrino. I am of the belief that it is truly one of the best pieces of music to be released this year; a new breed of pop for an alternate universe comprised of sonic-emotional integrity and courageously open hearts. Needless to say, it was with great eagerness that I received the full EP in my inbox last week. Along with the original and instrumental versions of the single (released with a powerful video from Julian 'Lil Internet' Wadsworth, self proclaimed inventor of Sea Punk), there are two b-sides, “Mighty Love” and “This Way.”


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While lacking the undeniable charisma of the title song, these tracks are a reassuringly solid return to the respective roots of Surkin and Edwards, bringing an incredibly playable French-Touch-meets-Jersey-House feeling to utilitarian '90s dancefloor fillers. Both “This Way” and “Mighty Love” feel explosively joyful, a little gritty, bursting at the seams with aggressive snares and pitch-shifted vocals samples. The b-sides of the “I Want You Back” EP are perhaps a quirkier, fresher take at what Duck Sauce is doing successfully on such a massive scale these days: not necessarily the future, but certainly not a past I can possibly be mad at.

Look for “I Want You Back” to be released on August 27th. You can pre-order via iTunes here.

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