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Review: Widows' “Self-Titled” EP via Earnest Endeavours—Plus Exclusive Download


I have always leaned toward the alternative, quirky and oddball side of hip-hop—and due to the current stagnant climate of the genre, that lean has morphed into a full on bear hug that I don’t plan on letting go of anytime soon.

Widows (New York/Los Angeles MC and producer duo of Jimmy Jams and Bobby Evans) are the latest in a long line of rappers that constantly justify why I feel such an affinity for alt rap. Their "Self-Titled" EP (recently released via the London-based Earnest Endeavours) possess all of the ingredients that make good hip-hop: flows, beats and subject matter that fluctuates from track to track as opposed to a linearly themed album regurgitating the same shit on a different track with a different beat.

Each track on this EP posses something unique, from opener “Croc” with its echoed water droplet loops and apocalyptic themes, to the catchy and more shallow tales of debauchery “Unsigned Hype” all the way through to the more stripped down “Lucifer” with its symbolic undertones and crazy wordplay.

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I mean, you would commend an album that based its whole feel on being able to jump from theme to theme, but demonstrating such a wealth of styles on a meagre EP is defiantly a sign of good things to come.

Exclusive Download: Widows' "Don’t Start None" Boom Bip Remix

Here's a preview of the EP.

Magnetic writer Chris Nelson had a nice chat with  Jimmy Jams and Bobby Evans not too long ago. Here's part 1 of our feature, "The Quintessential Pairing Of Frontman/Lyricist And Maestro/Technician" and here's part 2. You can also grab another free download in the feature.

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