Stream: Crosstown Rebels' #100 Release with Tiga, “The Picture”


We do love us some Tiga and Turbo Recordings here at Magnetic. Don't know about you, but “Sunglasses At Night” on City Rockers from back in 2001 still hits a sweet spot in our ears. Few inject character into music like Tiga. We’ve also got a bit of thing for Damian Lazarus and Crosstown Rebels. Put the two together and you’ve got gold in our eyes. Crosstown Rebels is celebrating #100 with Montreal’s Tiga. Talk about a long-awaited comeback. No disappoint tho, “The Picture” is big, it’s bad, it’s heavy, it’s Tiga doing what he does best. Toss in a pretty damn great remix of “Pleasure From The Bass” from Subb-an and you’ve got yourself an EDM culture essential release.

The Prince nod makes it a dancefloor slayer. If you have doubts about Tiga and Crosstown being trendsetters, this potent combination should bring you around. Donka to our friends over at LessThan3 for pointing the new release out. Enjoy the new electronic music. "Picture" will be released on August 27.

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