Stream: Toro Y Moi New Side Project—Introducing Les Sins

Toro Y Moi Has This Side Project—Introducing Les Sins

New electronic music here. Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Toro Y Moi has this side project called Les Sins which focuses more on his “dance oriented” productions. Yeah no surprise there. But, he’s putting out an EP of that stuff on Dan Snaith’s label Jiaolong. For those unaware, Dan Snaith is better known as Caribou and sometimes Daphni, which makes this signing especially cool. The EP will be released later this month in the form of a 7-inch record (no EDM download)…remember those? I’m already excited to receive my copy, check out the streams. Really cool to hear this side of Toro Y Moi.

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If you want a copy of this record, you’re gonna have to remember to dig for it this fall or search online because this release is coming out the old fashioned way. Keep your eyes peeled!

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