Taping Into The EDM Cool Factor—DJs For Obama


Just came across this video on the website Politico. We love the fact that “DJs For Obama” is coming from the official Obama campaign. Typically co-opting culture isn’t something we’re particularly fond of over here at Magnetic, but considering the state of our union, we wholeheartedly welcome Obama’s play for the EDM culture vote. The comments on Politico are all pretty positive sans one blow hard fool by the name of Chris Buki from Washington, DC who said, “There's nothing ‘cool’ about record youth unemployment, crushing debt and wasteful spending. Count me out!” Well Chris Bukkake or what ever your last name is, you sound like a blithering idiot. Yes unemployment is high, yes there is a lot of debt, yes there is wasteful spending in the government, but do you really think this is Obama’s doing? Do you really think the republicans are doing everything in their power to improve the current state of our economy? The only chance the party has at winning back the office is to do the opposite.


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We got your back Obama...

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