Triple Six Sound Club "The War To Own The Internet"


It was only until last month that I became aware of Triple Six Sound Club, a young producer who makes music along the lines of anything dark, bassy and techno influenced. I know you might be surprised that I’m talking about such sounds, but believe it or not I actually listen to everything EDM culture slings—as long as it doesn’t suck. Anyway, one random Sunday in July I went to check out a party called Lil Death (a must-see club if you’re ever in LA). I’ve been a few times before, but a bunch of my friends were heading there to catch a Triple Six Sound Club DJ set and I had no idea what to expect. After chatting with Triple Six himself before his set I learned we had a few things in common, including our mutual friendship with Cesar Rios, aka Paparazzi (DJ and label owner at Blood In Blood Out records). Cesar hit me up last week with the news of Triple Six’s new EP, which just came out on his label, here’s what he had to say:

"This young producer from Minneapolis has been making a name for himself on the Internet with the huge amount of blog love he gets on underground blogs and in the clubs, with his constant touring of the US. His music at first seems dark but every track combines his great musical taste bringing in the best elements from a wide variety of genres, from hip-hop to psychedelic minimal techno. I really wouldn't put him in one genre but I would label it Future Bass because he has his own sound." -Cesar Rios aka Paparazzi

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