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V-Moda, A Vamp That Doesn’t Suck!


For some 1%ers it’s just not good enough to listen to a world-class track while you’re plugged directly into your iPhone. Well, for the discerning audiophile with too much money on his hands (not too sure how many of those are out there in the EDM culture world?), V-Moda has come through with the perfect solution: The Vamp. The Vamp is an iPhone case meets digital-to-analog converter meets iPhone charger for a rather high $650.  All sarcasm aside, this beast is designed to add a 4th dimension to the mix by improving the low end and making the higher end of the aural spectrum sparkle.

I’m not sure about the price, the size or the added weight but with that said, I think V-Moda has taken a giant step in the right direction by improving the way that we listen to music in today’s world of over-compressed and dynamically challenged music. Enjoy new electronic music as it was meant to be heard...

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