Watch: Datsik To DJ Inside A Massive Vortex Built By V Squared Labs On Firepower Tour


Watch: Datsik To DJ Inside A Massive Vortex Built By V Squared Labs

Going to an EDM show is kinda funny in the sense that as a fan my body is typically facing the DJ. Funny because more often than not that person doing this thing is doing absolutely nothing worth looking at. Yet there I am along with the rest of the crowd eyes fixated at the DJ booth. People throwing their arms in the air and jumping around a bit is pretty low on the fun meter. The DJs that rarely look up are certainly nothing to look at.

Thanks to people like Vello Virkhaus and V Squared Labs EDM culture times are a changing'. Chances are if you've been blown at at an EDM show from over-the-top visuals it's coming from V Squared Labs. Which brings me to this teaser video for Datsik's Firepower tour. He'll be on the road with Delta Heavy, Terrravita, Bare Noize and Xkore. And his new vortex DJ booth built by, you guessed it, V Squared Labs.

I was mulling over ideas and came up with this really cool a massive vortex, with all the visuals spiralling inward towards me. Its really trippy. It looks like Im floating in the middle of this concoction. Its really unlike anything Ive ever done before. I basically wanted to make the trippiest possible thing I could, and this is the idea that came to mind. -Datsik

You can check out the first glimpse of it below. For more on V Squared Labs go here. For a full listing of Datsik's tour dates go here. And for our interview with Datsik go here.

DATSIK "VORTEX" Teaser from V Squared Labs Inc. on Vimeo.

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