Watch: deadmau5 “Professional Griefers” Official Music Video


Interesting name for a track, “Professional Griefers.” I wasn’t really sure what a “griefer” was so I looked online. It’s game nerd talk referring to players who deliberately irritate and harass other players within the game; someone who gets pleasure from the act of annoying other users. Me thinks that makes for an ironically interesting title, Mr. deadmau5.. Anywho... the “Professional Griefers” video features vocalist Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and is directed by Paul Boyd and Jeff Ranasinghe and produced by Dave Stewart’s Weapons of Mass Entertainment with Method Studios as the visual effects company. They all do great work obviously as this video kicks a lot of ass in a futuristic Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) meets post-apocalyptic octagon with massive CGI mau5 robots. Over-the-top ridiculousness is hardly ever a bad thing. And it's not here. Good stuff.

“Professional Griefers” will be featured on deadmau5’s upcoming album, Album Title Goes Here, which is due to drop September 25 via EDM culture champions, Ultra Music.

Here's a behind the scenes look at the making of:

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