Watch: Maintaining High Standards. Magnetic Chats with Techno Legend, Carl Cox

I really enjoy the position that Im in…Its a responsible one and I realize people are paying money to be entertained by what I do.

Have you ever been to a Carl Cox set that has been disappointing? I would put my money on the fact that you haven't. I'll even go as far as betting that your friends told you that you MUST go see him play. Such is the caliber of this electronic music legend's DJ sets. The man holds himself to that level at all times because of his EDM culture fans—not just in the unconditional sense, but also in the fact that these party goers have laid down hard earned dollars (or whatever currency it may be) to experience good music expertly unearthed by him.

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And Carl Cox brings up a great point that artists ought to live by, but often nowadays lose sight of. It seems that the quality of shows are decreasing whether it be by predetermined sets or simply sloppy mixing, in the name of rock stardom. Even the EDM culture "underground" scene has been a victim of this waywardness. Inexperienced listeners leave concerts and shows exclaiming, "That was amazing!" when in fact it was a rather poorly done DJ set. Since they do not know any better, it seems to give the go ahead for the artists to give themselves slack. At certain shows my jaw drops at the fact that people pay to see partying on stage and have little regard towards the music, and they pay quite a substantial amount of money at that. If you are a professional, you are expected to deliver a certain level of product. Rock stars became rock stars because they could perform well, regardless of what state of mind they were in. I'm not asking for perfection, I'm just asking for a higher standard than what we are slipping to.

It is why a DJ like Carl Cox will remain untouchable. He understands that with being one of the best at what he does, comes a certain responsibility and he brings it down to the basics of people paying to see him. It is in no way superficial, and anyone knows that Carl Cox absolutely loves music, but it comes from respect for his fans and listeners to deliver what they paid to see. That my friends, is true fan appreciation...

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