Watch: Onebeat Debuts New EDM Video Series with Lee Burridge: For The Love of Music



OneBeat’s debut episode takes a look at the concepts and inspirations behind the All Day I Dream transcendental party experience. Talking to his travels and clubbing experiences throughout the world, Lee Burridge exposés his understanding of the factors that play into a moving musical experience, beyond just the music, exploring the fine details that make All Day I Dream the EDM culture event that it is.

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Both Sana and I felt that we wanted to give a little more to the people that come along as opposed to just the DJ standing between the speakers, Burridge explains. So we have kind of pulled our collective tastes and come up with all these sweet little elements to make the party more than just the DJ and the music.

Here's some photos from Lee Burridge's last All Day I Dream event. Photos by Dill.

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