Watch Short Documentary: Why Amsterdam? The City's Underground Dance Scene At A Glance


Narrow cobblestone streets littered with stumbling, drunken tourists and of course Red-hued windows decorated with women in various states of undress. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the city, but those are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think about Amsterdam. Oh yea, the “coffee” shops too.

That’s not all that’s going on over there in the Netherlands. Amsterdam's EDM culture has been thriving for some time now. Lots of high quality new electronic music coming out of that part of the world. If you haven’t heard of Red Light Radio, we did a little something on them a while back, which you can peep here. It's a good taste of what the city offers musically.

This new short documentary written and directed by the bearded lumberjack otherwise known as Marcel Vogel (he doesn't just look like a lumberjack, he's also the man behind the Lumberjacks in Hell imprint) is a nice little snapshot at some of the cities sonic protagonists. It’s not an in-depth, all encompassing dive into what's happening, but it's a quality slice none-the-less. Here's a few things recently posted on the label's Soundcloud page.

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