Watch: ThermalBear “U Love” Official Music Video from Sasha's Last Night On Earth


This new ThermalBear tune, “Love U” is out now via Sasha's imprint, Last Night On Earth. You can pick it up via EDM culture outlet Beatport here. If like your techno with a bit of dubby breaks and haunting synths then “Love U,” featuring the arresting vocal talent of Maiday, will surely treat you right. This marks another high point for Sasha's label Last Night On Earth. Seems like they're going stronger with each new release and they’re covering a wide range of new electronic music in the EDM culture sphere as they charge up the hill with no signs of slowing down. Along with releases from established artists, the label is also a champion for rising talent. This new release from ThermalBear is a perfect example. Dennis White (that's ThermalBear) was chosen by Sasha as someone who stood out from the crowd with his classical take on modern electronic dance music.

Watch: Thermal Bear “U Love” Official Music Video from Sasha's Last Night On Earth

Have a listen; it’s sure to be one of those tunes that gets firmly planeted in your head. Which do you like more, the original or the Sasha remix?

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Oh yea, the video. It’s quirky, it’s fast paced and the different camera effects and angles capture the momentum of the track rather nicely.

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