Aeroplane On Being “Nu-Disco,” The Challenge Of DJing Festivals, Studio Skills and Daft Punk


Aeroplane On Being “Nu-Disco,” The Challenge Of Djing Festivals, Studio Skills And Daft Punk

Future Music Magazine recently went to Brussels to conduct an up close and personal interview with Aeroplane in his studio, which turned out very insightful, informative and totally inspiring. In this 15-minute video, Vito discusses being labeled as “nu-disco,” the challenge of DJing festivals, studio skills, Daft Punk and plenty more. It’s nice to see that rising popularity and respectable success hasn’t gone to his head, as he sounds humble as ever in this one. Some people don’t lose the magic, while other famous DJs you just want to slap across the face (just go read the list of highest paid DJs and you’ll know who I’m talking about). Anyway, all aspiring producers, DJs, and general music fans should sit back and take this in.

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