Forbes Magazine. Authority On EDM Culture Or Co Opting For Commercial Gain?


I don’t know about you, but Forbes is looking like the new authority on EDM culture... At least that’s what my Facebook newsfeed is telling me. I decided to prove this “scientifically” by going to the Search Engine of Scientific Fact otherwise known as Google. After typing in “Forbes DJ” I literally got bombarded with articles like “DJs Are The New Rock Stars,” “Electronic Cash Kings,” “How Hard is DJing,” “The World’s Highest Paid DJs,” “The World’s Greatest DJs” and “Gym, Tan, Money: Inside Pauly D’s $11 Million Payday.”

While I’m not personally the biggest fan of the mainstream scene, I think all this talk, hype, discussion (whatever you want to call it) is great for the people like myself because it’s trickling down to all the fans who’ve been standing by partying hard for years in the form of better DJs, bigger shows and larger turnouts.

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The Forbes move-in on the EDM culture space is a wise decision on their part because it’s turning a younger demo on to their publication while also schooling mom, dad, grandma and grandpa on why their kid has been listening to the sounds of robot dinosaurs shooting lasers out of their skulls for the past couple years.

[Note: There’s truth in that, sure. Or, it’s simply them co-opting culture for commercial gain in hopes of staying relevant to generation now. Don't get me wrong, I too am happy of all the attention EDM culture is getting—we are trying to make a business out of Magnetic after all—but there comes a point when the law of raspberry jam comes into play: The wider any culture is spread, the thinner it gets. Or something like that. –ED]

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