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Calling All Dubstep Heads. Doctor P and Flux Pavilion Have A Chat Backstage At Electric Zoo

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Calling All Dubstep Heads. Doctor P and Flux Pavilion Have A Chat Backstage At Electric Zoo

For the most part when you get two artists together for a chat (what ever the medium—EDM culture variety or not) it’ll typically make for an interesting read. It doesn’t matter if it’s serious convo about art and craft or a fuck off chat about the mundane—like say making music with homeless people and the demise of the guitar. As is the case with this Doctor P and Flux Pavilion chat backstage at Electric Zoo this past Labor Day Weekend. The folks over at LessThan3 cornered the dubsteppers and twisted their nipples until they started to talk.

Flux Pavilion: Doctor, let’s say you’ve written a track and some huge artist wanted to write a vocal on it, but that same day, you heard a homeless guy singing an amazing top line outside your bedroom window. What would you do—would you pursue the big artist or would you be content with the top line from the homeless guy?

Doctor P: I would choose the homeless guy every time, of course. I don’t want to fuel the pop stars; I want to fuel the homeless.

Some of the other interesting things brought up: Doctor P asking Flux Pavilion about his thoughts on EDM becoming mainstream; Flux asking Doctor P whether or not as an electronic musician if he feels any better or any worse than a real musician. Is playing guitar any better than a computer. You can read the rest of the interview here.

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