Dimitri From Paris & Los Amigos Invisibles Present “Glad To Know You” via Gomma Records


New electronic music here. Well sorta. Modern takes on disco-boogie classics are definitely hit or miss. The treasured gems of the past are usually best left untouched, but every once in a while someone comes out with a cover that takes the song in an entirely new direction that not only does the original justice, but also reassures us that the funk is still alive. And the collaboration of Venezuela’s Grammy-winning disco superstars Los Amigos Invisibles and the legendary Dimitri From Paris does exactly that; keeping the grooves steady in 2012. They all got together in a Miami studio and pumped out their own version of Chaz Jankel’s “Glad To Know You,” which was arguably the biggest dance hit in 1982. To accompany a vocal and instrumental mix of the cover, Ray Mang was recruited for a special dub mix, which is equally as banging.

The EP is out now via Gomma Records and can be purchased via Beatport. Or you can buy the vinyl via Juno.

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