EDM Culture This Weekend: From Pete Tong to Danny Tengalia to Calvertron to Our Man Cooper Saver—This Is What's Happening



Whenever there is a large festival in town, you'd think there would be less to do right? Not anymore—at least not in Los Angeles. Nocturnal Wonderland will be hosted in San Bernardino this weekend on Friday and Saturday. However, if you didn't get tickets to the event or didn't want to drive to San Bernadino (no one does, not even those who live there), don't fret there is a stellar EDM culture line up right in our back yard. From Pete Tong to Danny Tengalia to Calvertron and to our very own Cooper Saver. Check out what you could be doing and always remember Magnetic sent you!


San Diego

Calvertron takes that stage this Thursday kicking off Voyeur's weekend filled with EDM talent. The heavy bass music DJ/producer will be making several stops with his time in California. You can catch him live this week at Voyeur for Free! All you have to do is RSVP HERE!

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San Diego

If you missed Junior Sanchez take over the decks in Orange County a few weeks back, you have another chance. The huge emerging producer on Size Records (Steve Angello's label) will be making an appearance at Voyeur this Thursday! Voyeur is running a FREE guestlist before 10:30, you can RSVP HERE!


Los Angeles

Far Away Radio presents a night to remember featuring the talents Woolfy, Suzanne Kraft, and Magnetic's very own Cooper Saver. The focus of Far Away Radio is to promote the lesser known DJs of the LA area and the occasional guest. We wouldn't recommend the night if it wasn't going to be a good one. Best part about it? It is FREE with a RSVP!


If you are not attending Nocturnal Wonderland, don't hang your head... There is still acts to catch! Avalon and their weekly event "Control" will be hosting another night of top-notch talent. The M Machine (live) will be headlining the night with supporting acts Calvertron and Torro Torro. The night is still cheap, $15!! Do not miss out for this may become one of Nocturnal Wonderland Friday night after parties. Avalon closes when the sun comes up! Get Tickets HERE!


Experience live one of the best DJs this Saturday at Exchange with Danny Tenaglia takes the spotlight. This groovy DJ has been a dominating force with his unique sound and funky beats. The night is hosted by Insomniac and tickets are only running for $20, grab them here!



Insomniac will be hosting a "Nocturnal Wonderland Special Edition" this Friday at LURE featuring the skills of Fedde Le Grand! LURE has secured itself as one of the best nightclubs in LA and with a Insomniac teaming up on the night there is no doubt this one will be for the books. Ticket are $40! Grab em HERE !!!


Los Angeles

The story continues... If you are not going to be at Nocturnal Wonderland, then why not head over to Avalon for their Saturday showcase called "Avaland." The night will be featuring some of the best names in the scene including Paul Oakenfold, Andy Caldwell, and Jon Plechaty. Do n't spend your Saturday night sitting on the couch just waiting for Sunday, get out and catch a show! BTW Tickets are only $30 buy them now!


It is exciting to announce that one of the biggest names in the EDM industry will be coming to Los Angeles this Saturday. Taking over the decks at Drai's after hours is the one and only Pete Tong. The famous DJ/producer and radio announcer on BBC Radio 1 will be spinning until the sun rises at Drai's. The event is hosted by Insomniac but no word whether or not it is the official Nocturnal Wonderland after party but chances are it is! Must check out. Grab $50 tickets here!



Los Angeles

The hottest late day party continues in Los Angeles this week at XIV Summer Sessions with Gareth Emery.  The electronic DJ/producer will be taking the decks to close out the week but don't worry you wont be out too late the party starts at 5PM and usually goes till 10 PM. Tickets are cheaper than usual so make sure you grab them before they are gone. $40 tickets HERE!


 Orange County

The OC will be taken over by one of the biggest bass names in the game, Borgore. Dubstep fans make your way to Ten Nightclub hosted by Insomniac Events. The line can get pretty heavy for the 18+ and tickets are already selling out! You can still grab a ticket for $25, so just do it!  Monday


Los Angeles

Monday Night Social at Playhouse this Monday will be the home of the official Nocturnal Wonderland Recovery Party. The headlining performance is yet to be announced but you can probably assume since Insomniac is hosting the night it will be a rather large name. Buy tickets to the only happening Monday night party for $30!



Los Angeles

Our friends at Into The AM kick off their tour featuring the performances of several artists including Candyland, Singularity, MitiS and an opening set by GDD's very own BONES at Dim Mak Studios. Dim Mak Tuesdays is one of the strongest and longest running Tuesday nights and it has developed a strong reputation of a raging house party, it even includes a keg! You can grab tickets for about $15!


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