Event Recap: Avicii at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium Presented by Goldenvoice and Insomniac



All photos by

Zachary Patino

, imaginationVisions.com

One of the biggest names in EDM came into Los Angeles this last weekend. Avicii. What was planned to be a 2-night appearance turned into 3 nights due to the demand.

We were able to catch the opening night performance at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium hosted by Goldenvoice and Insomniac Events. The night opened at 7:00 pm with Audrey Napoleon on the decks and the producer of "Levels" to follow. Napeleon delivered a very strong opening set without stealing fire away from Avicii who was still to come. The female DJ played a diverse set of music including some top 40, some hip-hop and then of course some electro. She sampled some of her biggest hits into her set including "Poison" and "This is Fucking Techno." Then near the 9 pm mark she waived goodbye and lights brightened in the room as Avicii's production team began to set up.

I spoke to someone on Avicii's PR team and they had stated that the DJ/producer was to take the stage at 9 pm and spin until 11 pm then head to Vegas for another performance that same night. However, most of the party goers weren't inside yet which caused for Avicii to start late.


9:30 pm the lights dimmed and the crowd stood with anticipation. All of a sudden a gigantic white head emerges with several very large white backdrops and Avicii at the top of it all. It was showtime. Avicii opened up with a lot of energy and dropped one of his biggest songs "Seek Bromance."

From there the hits didn't stop. Avicii was on fire, dropping big ones from artists like Swedish House Mafia and David Guetta. He completely controlled Santa Monica in that moment. The crowd moved to the drop and sang to the anthems. A burst of energy filled the crowd when Avicii dropped Nari & Milani's huge track "Atom."

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There was something special in the air that night. Maybe it was the intimate setting that auditorium provided. No one knew what to expect going in because it was the venues first time hosting an EDM related event. Nonetheless, there was enough dancing space for everyone and not a bad place in the house to view the show.

The show was at its highest peak after Avicii dropped his song produced with David Guetta and featuring Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine called "Sunshine." Not too long after the crowd was singing like a chorus group to Swedish House Mafia's latest and potentially their last track together "Don't You Worry Child."

We were nearing the end of the night at this point and still no sign of the DJs most notorious song "Levels." Just minutes before the end of the set he finally gave everyone in attendance what they wanted to hear, "Levels." Once the intro to the song took over the auditorium's acoustics, the night became the biggest party in Los Angeles as everyone bounced, jumped and screamed in excitement.

Apologies for the bad camera view on the video but it really demonstrated some of the finest production available. Avicii's team had really showed off their bells and whistles as the giant white face emerged with giant LED lips singing the hook to "Levels" then turning the giant head into planet earth.

After hearing "Levels" the crowd knew the night was coming to an end. Avicii killed the music about 5 minutes before 11:30 to set up with an encore that was well deserved. No one moved once the music died, just screamed in demand for another song. Avicii responded only seconds after to give the crowd what they wanted.

Then 11:30 pm struck, Avicii had disappeared and as the music was fading out the lights were turning on. The night had ended and Avicii was on his way to Vegas.

He came, he saw, he conquered Santa Monica that night, leaving everyone in high spirits and good memories.

All photos by Zachary Patino

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