Kim Dotcom: Making of Megabox, Megaupload’s “Record Label Alternative”

Like American composer, teacher, writer and conductor Aaron Copland said,

To stop the flow of music would be like the stopping of time itself, incredible and inconceivable.

Given that Copland passed away in December of 1990, his statement isn't really about the proliferation of online downloads, but still underscores our current times. Fact Magazine has been reporting on Kim Dotcom, founder of the now defunct Megaupload, a bunch this year.

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Back in the beginning of the year, Torrentfreak had a chat with Kim Dotcom and got him to reveal info about his plans to directly compete with Universal Music Group “via our own music venture called Megabox.com, a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings.”

Well, Dotcom is now one step closer to that realization. Yesterday releasing this teaser video for Megabox. As the top comment on YouTube astutely points out, Kim Dotcom better round up a gaggle of security guards if he plans on keeping himself and his family safe. Seriously, the "guys" of the "industry" might just put a hit out on dude. If Megabox makes a bigger splash than Megaupload (it was once the 13th most popular website in the world—the world), someone might just have hit called on him. They tried to throw him in jail last time around… what's the next logical step? Death…

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