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Listen: Exclusive Stream of "Ghost Machine" by James Egbert & Alex Mind


Exclusive EDM Download: James Egbert & Alex Mind "Ghost Machine"

A while back we introduced you to James Egbert. He was busy doing some stuff called ghost producing. Since then, James has launched his career to an even higher pedestal. He was one of the winners of the Insomniac’s Discovery Project, which has now grown into something much more than just a chance to perform at EDC. Egbert’s set at EDC Las Vegas was incredible and I was among the fortunate to watch him live. That doesn’t mean that there was no one there because that was not the case. I was surprised to see that Egbert had already created a strong following, strong enough to pull fans away from other acts such as Benny Benassi, Above & Beyond, Afrojack and Kaskade. Walking by the Discovery Stage and judging the crowd you’d think there was a legendary veteran performing. Instead it was the mid-twenties rookie, James Egbert.

I guess that does go hand-in-hand when you produce an original sound (that’s how you get famous folks) and know how to mix (read: not pressing “beat sync”). James has paid his dues and done all the right steps to make it. Since our interview he has already had a top Beatport release with his EP “In the Beginning” and was also given the chance to remix one of pop music’s biggest star’s tracks.’s “This is Love” featuring Eva Simmons was remixed by Egbert along with Afrojack, Sidney Sampson, Damien Le Roy and Richard Vission. Egbert’s remix specifically stood out to us at Magnetic, even more than Afrojack’s version. To be fair though, you can’t really compare the two original sounds.

With a building demand for more music by James Egbert, we've got an exclusive stream of his next release. That is right... enjoy the free stream of Egbert’s latest track “Ghost Machine” also featuring Alex Mind. The tune will be out Monday, September 10 via James own imprint, Fuzion Muzik.

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If that wasn’t enough Egbert for you in one-day, head over to our friends at Bass Union, they have several YouTube exclusives on their channel. Including the official video for James Egbert’s track “Milky Way Wars” and one of my personal favorite songs by Egbert “Halo” featuring Kill Paradise.

If you are resident of Southern California, you’ll have the opportunity to watch him live at Nocturnal Wonderland.

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