Making Music in the Clouds—Tools That Make It Possible To Do Epic Shit


Making Music in the Clouds—Tools That Make It Possible To Do Epic Shit

The cloud... It’s so technical, it’s so mysterious, it’s so new... Well, not really. The cloud is basically a term for giant server farms that are owned by huge companies. These “clouds” have tons of redundancy and security and if you’ve been using Gmail or Google Doc’s (which I have both open right now) then you’ve been making use of the cloud.

The cloud isn’t only great for businesses; it’s GREAT for music creators. It’s enabled us to collaborate, create music, and share our ideas further and faster than ever before in the span of human history. I’m totally stoked on the cloud and as a cloud and music technology evangelist, I want to share a few tools, that are making it possible for us to do epic shit!

Soundation Studio

Soundation snaps right into action and comes pre-loaded with a host of samples across all genres. This online Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) also comes with virtual instruments and like most of the tools listed below, allows you to collaborate in real-time with friends.

Ohm Studio

I probably like Ohm Studio the best as it has the cleanest user interface of all the online DAWs. There are also a slew of effects, virtual instruments and the ability to record MIDI & audio directly in. Probably one of the coolest features gives users the functionality to not only collaborate, but chat in real-time with your collaborators.


Audiotool is electronic-musician focused and a ton of fun. This online platform allows you to create a signal chain of effects and models of analog instruments. If you’re into Reason, you’ll see some similarities here. Audiotool also has a robust community of artists who collaborate and share their tracks via the site as well as SoundCloud.

JPC-2000 Drum Machine & Drumlet Drum Sequencer

One of them is a drum machine and one of them is a drum sequencer... Need I explain more?!

Until AM Virtual Turntables

I wouldn’t typically be stoked on this type of application but it is actually pretty cool. Until AM allows you to DJ with actual songs from your friend’s or favorite artist’s SoundCloud account. There’s a pitch control for everyone whining about the sync button, as well as volume control faders and effects. Rewind Selekta!

These cloud technologies are by no means perfect, but with the increase in Internet bandwidth and ability for the cloud and computers to process more information, these technologies are getting bigger and badder everyday. What are some of your favorite cloud technologies for music making?

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