Manifestival: Rage This Weekend As The Rest Of Los Angeles Descends Into Carmageddon Chaos


It’s almost that time of the year again, the time that us Angelenos have been dreading for months. On September 29-30 the 405 will be closed and Carmageddon 2 will descend upon Los Angeles to wreak havoc on our weekend.  But fear not, because this time around you need not hunker down in your emergency shelters crouched in the fetal position. In fact, thanks to the good people at Club Party Monster you will be able to avoid all the madness and headaches of Carmageddon for the low price of $80.

In what is probably the most fortunate thing to happen to Los Angeles since the Lakers signed Dwight Howard, Club Party Monster is hosting a three day and two night full blown electronic music festival just outside of LA at the exact same time as the freeway closure.  This awesome music festival, dubbed Manifestival, is located a mere 30 minutes away from the 405/101 juncture in the lush Gardens of Paradise of Santa Clarita.  But not only is Manifestival close it is also super cheap, admission for all 3 days (camping & parking included) is a measly $80 with a VIP option that will only cost you $120. So instead of limiting yourself to your immediate neighborhood or dealing with a metric fuck ton of traffic, I suggest you come to Manifestival for a party that promises to be an enduring staple of the Los Angeles festival scene.

Club Party Monster and Manifestival are the brainchildren of local electro house DJ/producer Juicy Jay. Many of you might be familiar with Juicy Jay’s insanely danceable beats and the incredibly fun club nights he regularly hosts in Hollywood. But don’t let any of this fool you, Juicy Jay and his cohorts are not strictly club kids and Manifestival promises to be far more than your average rave. The EDM culture line up is filled with all types of music, “everything from breaks, techno, trance, electro, drum & bass, hardcore, dubstep, rock, reggae, industrial, EDM, a drum circle and for one hour there will be nothing but David Bowie.” Also, expect everything that you would find at your average music festival plus much, much more. I am talking about craft vendors, art cars, theme camps, fire dancers, yoga, workshops, 2 main stages, 3 or more side stages, as well as Manifestival’s very own CrowdsEye Challenge,

Manifestival: Rage This Weekend As The Rest Of Los Angeles Descends Into Carmageddon Chaos

So support local artists and go to to snag your pre-sale tickets. You will undoubtedly be glad you did while you are raging your face off as the rest of Los Angeles descends into chaos.

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