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Music Review: Lush and Simon “Spell” via Virus T Studio Records

Music Review: Lush and Simon “Spell” via Virus T Studio Records

From the group that brought us the Tiesto Club-Life worthy edit of “Atom” (by Nari and Milani), comes another major slab of new electronic music titled “Spell.”

Lush & Simon might have gained worldwide recognition for their edit of “Atom,” but their latest attempt here will prove equally as effective on the dancefloor—it's a complete success in my book. With a classic drum line and slow introduction to the leading melody I started to assume that this track might not be truly original. But that hint of doubt vanished, as this production duo unleashed a wave of powerful electro and progressive synths that united both worlds in a harmonious drop and a strong melodic foundation. Progressive and electro lovers can unite, as the joining of these two worlds is a feat difficult to accomplish. Unlike most producers out there who seem to jump on the bandwagon of using the most popular synths, Lush & Simon have decided to stick with the concept of originality and develop a sound that they can call their own. “Spell” is a testament to that…we’re eagerly await its release on September 10th on Virus T Studios.

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