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Music Review: Swanky Tunes “Blood Rush” via Showland

Music Review: Swanky Tunes “Blood Rush” via Showland

Swanky Tunes are back harder than ever with some brand new electric music for our ears. “Blood Rush” was just release via the trios new imprint Showland and is guaranteed to get an EDM culture friendly dancefloor moving. Scratch that; turn any party into an absolute rager. With its dark melodic undertones, and heavy electro synth work, this is the kind of track that has the potential to launch Swanky Tunes into a new phase in their career.

Standing tall on their own two feet, more mature, the production trio from Russian underscore that there is no need to collaborate with Hard Rock Sofa. Unlike most standard electro tracks as of late (read: epicness right before the drop), Swanky Tunes keep the buildup on “Blood Rush” relatively short and to the point, diving right into the main progression. The one minute and thirty second mark brings in a nice surprise; the tune slows down well below the standard 128 beats per minute while main melody continues to play on, but with every measure the bpm picks up and getting faster and faster till it once again returns to normal speed. A fun trick that definitely enhances the buildup portion of the track. Overall “Blood Rush” will surely have your heart pounding with excitement. If you’re with me on that, you an pick up a copy today on Beatport!

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