Must Watch: My Gut Says This Vinyl Throw Is Fake, But...


My Guy Says Fake—Must Watch Vinyl Throw

Logic says this isn't real. That is has to be some CGI visual trickery or some sort of nonsense. Corporate marketing departments have been creating these type of videos for a minute now in hopes of shit going viral. And some have. Have you seen the dudes that walk on water in their Hi Tec shoes? What about that Gillette commercial where Evan Longoria catches a baseball barehanded? Or David Beckham in the Pepsi commercial where he kicks the balls into the trashcans? Or that Gatorade one where the ball girl catches that home run ball. Or LeBron James shooting on the Powerade commercial. That Slip N Slide one. Good stuff, but all fake for sure. So here we are with this vinyl throw video. My gut says fake, but it's hard to spot the trickery. What say you?

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