New Electronic Music: Bicep Announces Label Plans, Releases “Vision Of Love”


Bicep Announces Label Plans, Releases “Vision Of Love”

As one of the key players in reviving ACTUAL house music, the Bicep boys have been on a non-stop binge of EDM culture productivity this year as well as heavy touring. I even had the pleasure of catching them play records at a secret party downtown last month while they were passing through LA and you can just imagine how awesome it was. Anyway, the UK duo is stepping up their all-hustle all-muscle game even further with the launch of Feel My Bicep Records, with the first piece of new electronic music being a limited vinyl-only (as usual) package called “Vision Of Love.” Check out the cheeky 90s-vibe teaser video below and Soundcloud stream.

It’s out on the 24th of this month and you can order now via Juno, Picadilly and Phonica. If you want it, you better be quick. You know those digital rips aren’t gonna sound nearly as satisfying…

Keep up with Bicep on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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