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The Burning Man Experience I Won’t Try to Explain…

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The Burning Man Experience I Won’t Try to Explain


Photos by

Christian Lamb

The “Burning Man” experience is not something one can truly convey to others by using words, music or images and videos to depict fragmented interpretations of a supreme surreality. It is something extremely personal and unique to every single person that passes through the week. Go in with an open heart, surrendering not only the elements of nature, but also the elements of life and it stimulates your senses ever so consciously, subconsciously, sensually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, rhythmically, visually and viscerally… It’s a most potent amalgamation of these very ingredients that pave way to the infinite serendipitous moments of “playa magic.” Unless you have went through the very rite of passage and lived through a week inside this alternate-universe; the depth of such an experience can never be understood. Instead, why not allow your curiosity to bring you there one day, and live it for yourself.

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Burning Man is the most vivid, unharnessed living collage of creativity in all forms of costume, art, movement and music that surrounds you and impacts you perhaps initially, the most. But embedded within this temporary city’s very pulse is a an omnipresent sense of freedom and collective love that feels like a mantra for life: be free, be loving, be creative, be yourself, be conscious, be kind, be giving and be open to receive…

That one last part—about being open—is perhaps the key to the entire experience. Going forward with an open heart, and an open mind is where the “magic” really starts—from within. And with a population amounting to some 60,000 people all gathering for various reasons, if everyone has an open heart, the magnitude of impacting another’s life is most certain to occur in some way, shape or form.

As this was my “first” Burn, I personally have not been able, nor willing, to communicate anything about my experience to anyone since I have been home, about a week now. The dust has settled and though I have cleared it out of my mind, body and clothes…the newfound perspectives it has brought me are still unfolding…. I could liken the BM experience as an earthquake in one’s consciousness (caused by many, many small momentous moments) and the aftershocks are what continue to flow through me, with tiny epiphanies still occurring daily. With an open heart, and even more open mind, my own reality is now in Technicolor.

All Photos by Christian Lamb

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