The Crystal Ark Prep Debut Full-Length—Add This To Your Best-Of 2012 List


The Crystal Ark Prep Debut Full-Length—Add To This Year’s Best-Of Lists

The body-centric and often psychedelic collaborative project of the hypnotic Gavin Russom and filmmaker Viva Ruiz, better known as The Crystal Ark, prepares for an LP release on October 30th. The record has been patiently awaited for a couple years ever since their debut single, “The City Never Sleeps,” which was released on their close friend’s label, DFA. The new album, which is self-titled, continues to reflect the physicality, diversity, sexuality and intensity of New York City itself. The duo aims to open your mind and body even further by taking you on a journey influenced by cosmic disco, traditional house, acid, techno, and sounds that are best left unclassifiable and simply enjoyed. While both dancefloor-friendly and in-depth listening friendly, The Crystal Ark’s self-titled LP should be a record to add to this year’s best-of lists. I’m especially looking forward to their live show, which includes LCD Soundsystem alumni and a set of dancers to accompany the performance. You can check out a teaser video for the first single, “We Came To” below.

The single, “We Came To,” is available now for a limited time on vinyl, in which you receive a signed CD and digital download with your purchase. Order now via DFA records.

And in case you missed this, the band recently produced an impressive take on Fleetwood Mac’s iconic “Tusk.”

The Crystal Ark 
The Crystal Ark LP 
(DFA Records)
Out October 30th

1. Ascension
2. We Came To
3. Morir Soñando
4. Crossing
5. Paradise
6. Rhodes
7. Rain
8. Silver Cord

The album will be released both physically and digitally on DFA Records, distributed via Friends Of Friends. Stay posted by following The Crystal Ark on Facebook & Twitter.

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