The Italian House Revolution Continues: Meet NDKj—Plus Free Download


The Italian House Revolution Continues: Meet NDKj

Italy knows a thing or two about house music. Proven by the fact that the country is currently producing some rather iconic figures within EDM culture whom are currently shaping the sounds on modern dancefloors. NDKj (aka Andrea Quirico) is one such talent. Riding high in the Beatport tech-house charts thanks to a super package on Manuel De La Mare’s mighty Hotfingers imprint, NDKj is making all the right moves for a future Italian house music star. Toolroom, Great Stuff, Spinnin Records, Strictly Rhythm, Defected and Factomania have all welcomed NDKj to their ranks and with his list of collaborators including Wally Lopez, Olav Basoski, Alex Kenji, Ivan Pica, Luigi Rocca, and David Herrero, it’s obvious that house music’s elite wholeheartedly approve. It must be nice to be appreciated from the top of the dance music world. "Absolutely yes," says Andrea Quirico. "It’s always a big thing to see that DJs that you have respected and followed for years, now appreciate your music and consider you a part of the family."

Don’t pretend to be a superstar from day one. Work hard to be different from the masses.

Right now NDKj is working on a new remix with Alex Kenji for Great Stuff, but is pretty tight lipped about the project. The only thing that he would say about it is that it’s a “huge track from the past.” Other than that, expect a new track with Federico Scavo and some new solo original material—one of which will be released on Factomania by the end of September titled, “Say What.

We predict a bright path ahead...

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Hey NDKj, thanks for the chat. For anyone who hasn’t come across you before, how do you describe yourself and your sound?

Hi guys, very happy to speak with you. Well, I like to describe myself as a “nice crazy guy” who plays everything he likes.

Where did NDKj come from?

Haha, everybody asks me that. Well ND means Andrea, which is my real name, the K means key, because I am the key to understand music (too much?) and the J is for DJ.

The list of labels you’ve released with so far is impressive. What have been your personal favorite releases so far for you?

I think that my all-time favorite is the one that also made me more recognized, “Funkest Star.” That was released on my own label Heatflow. The EP had huge support from a lengthy list of huge DJs including Richie Hawtin and Fedde Le Grand.

Tell us about the Alex Kenji release that just dropped on Hotfingers. How did that happen?

Well, it’s funny because we both live in Italy not so far from each other and we met the first time a year ago in Los Angeles for a gig. At the time I had this beautiful vocal from a singer/DJ from Dubai—Marga Sol. I let Alex hear the vocals and he loved it, so we have decided to make the track together and now after one year I’m very happy of the results.

What’s your current top five for the end of summer?

Alex Kenji & NDKj feat. Marga Sol “Not That Kind Of Girl” (Mike Vale Remix)
Hot Mouth “Totally Worth It” (Federico Scavo Remix)
NDKJ “Say What” (coming soon on Factomania)
Paul Harris & Alex Tepper "Mumbo Gumbo" (Yousef Sensational Edit)
Phunk Investigation & Schumahcher feat Dino "Miracle" (Vocal Mix)

What’s your favorite thing in the studio at the moment?

One of my studio favorites is a VST plugin called Albino from Rob Papen. I make almost all of my funky basses with it.

What’s your best tip for upcoming producers who want to progress in the dance music world?

Don’t pretend to be a superstar from day one. Work hard to be different from the masses.

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