Top Technologies for EDM Label Owners

Top Technologies for EDM Label Owners

Electronic Dance Music is arguably one of the most progressive styles of music today. This can be easily attributed not only to the use of the latest and greatest in technology being dropped directly into your favorite producer’s tracks but also the EDM Biz’s agility in adopting new technologies and strategies for management and promotion. There are tons of technologies out there for label owners, but today, I’ve decided to feature some of the shining stars that stand out in my eyes.


Become the master of your masters! Gobbler is a cloud-based tool that allows for secure backup, super-fast transfer as well as easy organization of your project files and assets. As a record label owner, you need an easy way to centralize all your project files—especially if you’re going to put out re-masters or send project files for remixing... Gobbler is the tool for the job. Gobbler also includes the SoundCloud API making it super easy to manage, label and upload your final mixes to SoundCloud. Best part is, they have a freemium 5GB version so anyone can download it and check it out.


Digital promotion is not only the key to higher record sales, it’s the key to getting your tracks featured in top tier online retail sites like Beatport. FATdrop allows you to send out your records to your favorite DJs and producers for feedback and ratings while also collecting crucial metrics that will help you gauge audience response on the dancefloor and in the retail space. These guys are the “OGs” when it comes to digital promotion and with a super intuitive user interface and security features like watermarking they’ve got it nailed down! Check out FATdrop.

Label Engine

Managing finances is probably the last thing that you want to deal with as a label owner. Label Engine, developed by DJ/producer Lazy Rich (he literally coded it himself), draws upon his experience working as a label manager and incorporates all the features that a digital label needs to allocate royalties and payments to 3rd parties i.e. distributors, audio engineers, graphic designers. There’s also a built in invoicing tool as well as a promotional tool, similar to that of FATdrop’s. Check out Label Engine.

Social Sites

Social media is a free avenue that allows you to put tons of visibility on what you’re doing. It doesn’t take a whole lot of tech savvy to get setup and virtually everyone in the EDM space is taking advantage of this awesome online-medium. I got the chance to talk with LA-based DJ/producer/label owner Darin Epsilon of Perspectives Digital, one of the most prominent progressive labels on the West Coast.

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Facebook and Twitter

If you haven’t jumped on Facebook or Twitter by now, you’re probably living in the stone ages. Good news is that it only takes a couple of minutes to set up a fan page, so step up your chops and get to booking and tweeting.

Darin is constantly up on Social Media. Here’s his take:

Social media is everything for a modern record label. It helps get your news out immediately and it’s the best way of communicating and connecting with fans.


Staying up on the current and future sounds is key to running a successful label. SoundCloud makes this process easy to setup and manage which is why it’s THE go to spot for music discovery in the EDM world. I know tons of agents and labels that are using this tool in their regular A&R regime and you should definitely hop on the bandwagon if you haven’t already.


Youtube is a great way to get your music out there and put visibility on your label. “I feel that YouTube is a completely different audience than SoundCloud. After a video finishes, they usually recommend other similar videos. This can help you grab the attention of a lot of people who aren't necessarily looking for your music.” -Darin Epsilon

BTW, Darin manages no less than nine pages, all of which can be found here:


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