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Watch: DJ Answers with Cosmic Gate

Watch: DJ Answers with Cosmic Gate

1993 was a turning point for me and electronic music and EDM culture in general. Living in San Diego, I wasn't completely clueless about the genre. Believe it or not, San Diego has had a healthy electronic music scene (albeit more underground compared to its current LED incarnation) since the beginning of the '90s. The G-Force parties by Mark E. Quark at lesbian bar The Flame was a crazy fun house music night and probably the first time electronic music caught my attention. Hedonism at Rich's on Thursday nights.

It'll al changed, tho, later that year after spending two weeks in Singapore. Specifically at Club Zouk. I've had some crazy good times inside clubs since that night, but it still places high on my best night out list.

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Our friends over at OneBeat just released this video with Cosmic Gate. One of the first questions they ask the duo about is their favorite city/club and the first city and club that came to their mind was Singapore and Zouk. Nice one. Check it out...

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