Top Five Reasons Not To Pay Attention To Green Day And Their Stance On EDM Culture!


Watch: Green Day "Kill The DJ"—Or Not. It's Complete Crap Anyway

If you haven’t come across the magical new song/video from Green Day then you might want to check it out, at the very least for its pathetic ANTI stance.

We all know that EDM is on a rapid rise with the young American audience and guitar music has kind of slowed down if not tapered off a bit in comparison.

EDM will go through its cycle just like hip-hop and rock and roll before it; it’s the natural order of things in the music world.  Good news is that EDM is on the second phase of this growth spurt and has finally become a genre that is here to stay.

I’m not going to bag on Green Day here because it would be kind of like stepping on a baby seal or throwing a kitten of a bridge. It’s just sad to see a 90’s “punk” band stooping to lyrics that put down a genre that is crushing them at the moment.

Kaskade can sell more tickets than you Green Day, and you are fucking pissed about it because you think he has no talent!!!  Am I right Billy Joe Dweebus?  I know I am.

Truth is that EDM producers spend 1000s of hours honing their craft just like a guitar player or a drummer; it’s just a different type of musical skill. So is it really logical to compare and contrast these points?  Not really.

EDM is about a communal and immersive experience and it’s what we humans have been doing since the dawn of time. Rock is about worshiping (sometimes false idols) and EDM is about cherishing.  Both can coexist, again they are just different experiences all together.

So why is Green Day making stupid videos and hating on EDM?

  1. They have a really fucking stupid marketing guy that thinks they should make a big “Statement” and take an Anti DJ/EDM stance.

  2. They are fucking old and desperate for some controversy.

  3. They put out a fucking Broadway musical and are trying to get any shred of cool back.

  4. They still are under the delusion that they are punk rock and stand for something (see Broadway musical).

  5. They can barely sell out the Greek, so they figured they would get in on this DJ stuff in one way or another while it’s hot!

I wasn’t mad at your first record Green Day, it was a good piece of work, but the sun is setting on your very, very good run. So please fuck off and disappear before you become a complete parody of yourself and tarnish what was a respectable career, pre musical anyway?

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