Which One Of These DJs Just Doesn't Belong... Hmmmmm



A Facebook Litmus test of sorts, we posed the simple question, "Which one of these DJs just doesn't belong?" And immediately starting unfriending people if their answer was wrong. No, not really, that'd be pretty dickish. We did ask the question, tho, and received some rather funny comments and a few from the pundits. You be the judge: And really, there is no wrong or right, just opinions here. If you're curious, ours is that he's lame and to see him compared with other artists that have come up within the EDM world in a legitimate way kind of pisses us off.

Christopher Bears: When I saw #7 I threw up in my mouth

Matthew D: Cheirs It seem we all agree Pauly D is the suspect

Joel Valles: Skrillex is overrated and Pauly D is the biggest joke ever, but he makes more money then all of us so i'm sure he doesn't care!

Jason Daniel: pauly d definitely takes priority when it comes to not belonging on that list. seriously? thats like putting paris hilton up there

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Chris Alker: Belong where?

Steven Vizcarra: @Magnetic Magazine "hes a reality star that used his fame to leverage a DJ career" yes correct but lets not forget that even before he was a reality star he was still a DJ. Yes he still used television to anchor his popularity, anyone trying to be a famous dj would. Im not defending his musical abilities im just saying, hes smart for marketing himself up enough to be a successful millionaire, which is what the list is showing. This wasnt a ranking for musical abilities and ranking. I mean Aoki is also a very intelligent business man building a label and brand to build millions, same goes with Guetta entering the radio market, whether you like him or not.

Technofancy Eric: Whether or not Pauly D doesn't belong there, this is only based on income not on talent. If it was only talent then 2,4,5,6,7 and 9 doesn't belong there.

Daniel Calderon: DJ wise and performance wise i think Deadmau5 isnt even a dj in my book anymore. He has surpassed DJ. Hes more of a Live Electic Magician. Pauly D shouldnt be there...because his productions are the worst. If your going to DJ, play live get off the sync button and use your ears. Real music lovers dont want to hear a pre recorded set.

Ahmed Samy: pretty much all 10 are a fucking joke and a disgrace to the industry and their mothers

[damn Ahmed, why'd you have to bring moms into this? -ED]

So...which one of these DJs just doesn't belong? Leave a comment below... we wanna know.

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