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Essential Compilation: "The World of Arthur Russell" via Soul Jazz Records

Avant-garde multi-instrumentalist / composer / producer Arthur Russell is one of the unsung heroes of the house and experimental music movements.  Recording under various monikers for various labels including West End, Rough Trade, Sire and Sleeping Bag (which he co-founded along with Will Socolov), Russell’s adventurous, meditative and inventive productions became club staples providing a soundtrack for the emerging club music underground.  With a long list of admirers including David Byrne, Phillip Glass, Francois Kevorkian, Larry Levan, Walter Gibbons, David Mancuso and Allen Ginsberg among others, Arthur was a highly-regarded innovator.  His vast musical contributions throughout the 1980’s reveal a contemplative genius who easily traversed the worlds of dance, post-modern composition and folk-injected neo-pop.  This 11-song collection (the first “proper” assemblage of Russell’s material) provides a glimpse into the vanguard’s diverse body of work.  From Loose Joints’ hypnotic post-disco Paradise Garage anthem “Is It All Over My Face,” Dinosaur L’s spaced-out Afro-Latin workout “Go Bang” and Lola’s classic “Wax The Van” to his sublime pre-Chicago house / Afro-beat epic “In The Light Of The Miracle” and brilliant left-field hit “Let’s Go Swimming,” The World of Arthur Russell is an essential introduction / synopsis celebrating the pioneering contributions Russell (who succumbed to AIDS in 1992) made towards the advancement of house music and left-field experimentalism.  His groundbreaking compositions remain timeless—representing a glorious footnote in dance music history.


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