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Catching Up With The Martinez Brothers About New EP and Upcoming Tour Dates

Chris and Steve Martinez (better known as The Martinez Brothers in EDM culture circles) have been part of the New York house music scene since they were teenagers. Now they're all grown up and playing at some of the biggest events in Europe and the US and this awesome duo doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. They're new EP, "H 2 DA Izzo" is a dynamic two-tracker that has old and new house music influences running throughout. Making their official debut on Real Tone Records, the brothers are getting ready to hit US dancefloors starting Nov 8th. I had the chance to catch up with them before the tour for a quick chat.


Tell us about your new EP?

It's called "H 2 Da Izzo" and it just dropped a couple weeks ago. We actually made the tracks last year but they just so happened to get picked up recently. It's been a great response so far so we're super glad for that. If you havent yet, definitely go grab that.

What has been the best party you guys have played at during this festival season?

Playing Circo Loco was probably the best party this summer. The party combined with the atmosphere of the island just makes for an amazing vibe. We're glad to be able to rock out there and we're already looking forward to next year

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Where do you see the underground scene going in America? Do you think it will ever have the same kind of appeal like it does in the other parts of the world?

I think the underground scene can definitely have the same appeal. The fact that dance music is so popular now in the US, I think it'll be only a matter of time before it trickles down and the kids start becoming more aware of the undergound music and movement that's going on.

What are your thoughts on the latest DJ Mag list and the popularity of mainstream dance music?

DJ Mag poll—NO far as the popularity of mainstream dance music, to each their own. Like we said before, I think it's only a matter of time before it trickles down and the kids that are into the mainstream get introduced to the underground.

Have you always wanted to be DJs? If DJing didn’t exist, what other career path would you guys pursue?

We got into DJing when were around 17 and 14 and it wasnt until our first gigs that we realized that we wanted to do it for real. but if it hadn't been for DJing we would definitely still be involved in music in one way another. Maybe not house music, probably more Latin stuff and hip hop maybe, but definitley producing and performing in one way or another.

Any artists you guys are keen on collaborating with? Anyone emerging ones we should watch out for?

We're definitely putting a lot of ideas together for our label, so that's something we're excited about. Also some new remixes that'll be out before the end of the year, one for Subb An's label One Records, and also one for Saved Records. And yea, look out for our boy Filsonik out of NYC, he's been playing Circo Loco the whole summer and has alot of dope tracks, so definitley look out for him.

US tour dates:

Thu, 08 Nov - The Garden Nights: The Martinez Brothers at The Garden / Texas, USA
Fri, 09 Nov - The Martinez Brothers at Vanguard / California (South), USA
Sat, 10 Nov - Lifted with The Martinez Brothers at Spin / California (South), USA
Fri, 16 Nov - The Martinez Brothers at Spy Bar / Illinois, USA
Sat, 24 Nov - Resolute 5 Year Anniversary at TBA / New York, USA
Sat, 08 Dec - UR1 Festival - Your Music + Art Festival at Bayfront Park Downtown Miami / Florida, USA

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