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DJ Magazine Poll Results Leaked—Armin van Buuren Wins Again?


DJ Magazine Poll Results Leaked

While Gallup polls may be the best indicator as to who will win the presidential election, the only way to predict who will win DJ Magazine’s top 100 DJ poll is to check out rumors ciruclating online. and are both reporting the exact same results: Armin van Buuren is projected to take top honors, with Tiesto, Avicii, David Guetta, deadmau5 following in the top 5. The top 10 also includee Hardwell, Above and Beyond, Dash Berlin, Afrojack, and Skrillex. While people love to hate on DJ Magazine’s poll, each tweet, Facebook status, or blog post show that people do, in fact, care.

While all of the names in the top 10 could easily be switched with Armin for the top spot, the fact that Amin has once again won, after an unprecedented four-peat from 2007-2010 shows that the poll may be even less relevant than expected. The 2011 poll saw David Guetta’s first-time win, which definitely helped to shake things up a bit, and we can’t help but be a little bit dissapointed if the projected results for this year are true. If Armin does win again, the suspense and excitement will be even less for next year.

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For the first time, the 2012 poll utilized Facebook to submit votes, further cementing the importance of social media marketibility for the poll. This is also why certain heavyweights such as former winner Sasha and 90’s legend and Olympics performer Fatboy Slim failed to crack the top 100. While the official top 100 reveal still awaits, all we can do is wait for the results to be aired in t minus three hours (or 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 51 seconds, but whose counting?). If you too are an angry blogger or tweeter who doesn’t care about the poll (but also secretly can’t wait to see who wins), check out the live-stream here.

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